VirtueMart Flex Tax Module

Smart software, for the way you use VirtueMart.

Multi-Level Taxes, and Tax Classes are now available for VirtueMart! Set up tax rate classes for different product types, such as services, food, etc, and apply them to individual products. Logical, and intuitive. The way Virtuemart should have worked all along!

Compatible with VirtueMart 1.1.4, 1.1.6, 1.1.8, 1.1.9, and VirtueMart 1.2 for Joomla 2.5!

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Flex Tax gives you the tax configurations you need for VirtueMart. It adds EIGHT essential functions:

The ability to charge taxes by Country, by State, or by City. You can use them in combination with each other too.

The ability to charge tax on shipping in three different ways: None, Same as Product, or By Shipper.

 An option to charge taxes on products by Vendor Address, by billing address, by shipping address, or by either billing or shipping address.

 A readout during checkout that lists the taxes being charged. NOTE: This image shows a display for Canadian taxes. Other taxes are labeled as Country, State, or City.

An option to select HST for Canada - this may have other uses, it simply overrides the Country Tax, so a single tax may be entered for State or Province level, but the Country level tax will NOT be calculated for that State or Province. It is labeled as HST for Canada. Just enter the combined tax as the tax rate for that Province, and check the HST checkbox. EASY!


Zip Code Based Taxes. Choose EITHER City or Zip code to constrain tax calculations. Optional range of Zip Codes as well. For Zip Based taxes, just fill in a beginning and ending range, and fill in a City name. Simple to configure.




New Feature! Tax Classes! This is a BIGGIE! A new area has been created, where you can create tax classes - such as Food, Services, Taxable Goods, etc. The Tax Rate area allows you to select which Tax Classes to apply the tax to, and the Product Area allows you to assign a Tax Class to the product. You can also specify a tax class for shipping. 



New Feature! County Level Taxes. We have created an option for County based taxes, for those states that have taxes set by the county.



Flex Tax is usable for Canadian Tax computations, but is useful for far more than that.

  • It calculates taxes correctly for complicated US taxes, such as city and state taxes (example, New York or Illinois). 
  • It allows proper computation of taxes for Florida, where billing or shipping address counts for tax charges.
  • It is usable for other tax calculations which require more functions than VirtueMart allows.
  • Zip Code Dependent tax calculations are available.
  • Country Tax Override provides for Canadian HST calculation. Just click a checkbox.
  • Flex Tax provides methods for controlling multiple types of tax setup within a single site - so if you set up taxes for multiple states or provinces, and each has different rules, you can configure them accordingly.
  • Installation is comparatively simple - drop in 7 files, and modify the database. NO THEME UPDATES! Much simpler to install and USE than any other solutions, and very flexible.
  • Configuration is also easy, since it simply extends existing functions in logical ways. Taxes are configured in three places - two are in the VM Configuration, and one is in the Tax Rate dialog. Simple and intuitive to use.

Choose the way you use it!

Offered with a choice of software only, installed, or with a Developer license. The Developer License allows installation on unlimited client sites.

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What Else? Flex SIM Payment Module

A Fully PCI Compliant payment module. Select from, Internet Secure (Canadian), or Eprocessing Network. This module allows you to easily configure the payments, and put in your logo image for display on the merchant account pages.

What's so good about SIM? 

SIM is the AN processing method that keeps ALL transaction and processing tasks on the site, and NOT on your site. This means the burden of PCI compliance rests with THEM, and not with YOU. This is the most cost effective way to set up payment processing for small businesses who do not wish to use PayPal, and in most cases, it will not require the additional cost of an SSL certificate, because no sensitive information is transmitted from your site, nor stored on your site.



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CSV Import for FlexTax
CSV Import is now available for FlexTax, through the CSVImproved Component. CSVI VirtueMart supports importing and exporting all your Flex Tax rates. Load all your tax rates in a fraction of the time needed to do this by hand. Quick and easy.
Customer Comments

Just wanted to let you know that it worked perfectly. I am up and running. Thank you so much. This will definitely help in dealing with the complicated tax system here in California. You guys saved me. Virtuemart should include this in their package as default.

Kimo Yoshida


Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the flex tax add on for VM. I'm running VM 1.1.3 and it worked great! Thank you! I almost shed a tear when this worked right away in a matter of minutes - I've been trying to get a Canadian Tax solution for months. It also fixed the issue of no tax on shipping with the Standard VM shipping module, which has posts all over the Virtuemart support forum. It also works fine with an additional payment module - I'm using PayPal Pro.
I'll be buying it for all the e-commerce sites I make now!


NOTE: VM Flex tax has been extensively tested on VM 1.1.4, but not on 1.1.3, and is not guaranteed to work on that version.